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3 Exercises To Get Faster, Prevent Injury, Increase Mobility, and Live Longer

By Justin Sorbo, Owner/Operator of Quaero LLC Personal Training

You balance a demanding job, family responsibilities, and intense training for triathlon. You’re short on time, and don’t know where to start. For the triathlete, just one hour in the gym per week can decrease your times on your swim, bike, and run while creating lean muscle mass, growing bone, and increasing flexibility.

A properly designed strength and power routine yields a greater benefit than nearly any other form of exercise in a given time period. I love efficiency!

Let me explain, using the run as an example:

Running speed is calculated as Stride Length*Frequency. To get faster, you must increase either or both these qualities. Strength training improves your muscles’ ability to produce force. When training with a full joint range of motion (for example, squatting as low as possible pain-free), your joints will gain range of motion, too.