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What People Are Saying

Justin is an incredible trainer and a fantastic person all around. He takes a holistic approach to helping you set and achieve goals that are consistent with your individual values and priorities, and does not impose a one size fits all approach. While Justin can help you achieve weight loss goals and improve your appearance, I really appreciate his emphasis on feeling stronger and healthier over the long term. Justin is compassionate, patient, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of fascinating topics. It’s hard to think of anyone else I would look forward to working out with before sunrise multiple times a week. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Emma H.

Justin has done an amazing job with me. In addition to the much improved fitness - strength, flexibility, and posture - he has focused on developing a stronger and more flexible golf swing that is already paying benefits. I would guess he can customize a program for many hobbies and jobs.

John K.

Justin is an excellent trainer. I worked with him in person for 2 years and have continued to work with him online during the past, Covid-affected year. He was careful and thorough in his initial assessment of my needs and goals and has been imaginative in finding ways to help me progress. He keeps very detailed notes on what I do with him and has always stayed very engaged. He also has a good line in injury rehabilitation; I tweaked my knee skiing a couple years ago and he provided a range of exercises to get me back in shape. All in all, I can recommend him very highly.

Michael A.

I have been training with Justin for only a few weeks but in the short time I’ve worked with him, I already feel myself getting stronger. Justin is very knowledgeable, patient, and tailors my training to meet my individual needs. Working with Justin, I feel both challenged and completely at ease. A rare combination to find in a trainer.

Carine T.

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